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Floating Docks - Jet Ski Platforms

Our floating modular systems are studied to realize floating jeties in any kind of situation and for multiple usage.
All our systems are of "floating" type; it means that any immersed parts there aren't and all their entire surface lie on the water. This fact guarantees a great stability and an high floating capacity, 350 kg per sqm.
We can divide our floating systems in 2 section:
CUBEDOCKS system: to realize floating pontoons in every situation, i.e. both for lake, still water or open sea with waves
ROTODOCK and POLYDOCK systems: suitable for water without waves, such as ports, bays, in marinas.




Floating Systems

All our pontoons and platforms lie over the water without any immersed part: it guarantee a great stability and exceptional floating capacity.


Every system is "modular": it means that you can compose you personal pontoons or platforms following your needs. Moreover you can enlarge or modify floating pontoons shape years by years.

Variety of use

Not only pontoons or platforms: thanks to ROTOPORT and BOAT LIFT hauling systems you can create jet ski and small boats docking floating platforms.

Floating Jet ski and Hauling Small Boats

hauling floating system for boats and jet ski