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Jet Ski Floating Platform Rotoport


Floating Platform for any kind of Jet Ski.

Lenght 400cm x Width 150cm
ideal for jet ski single, 2 or 3 places - COUPLERS PREPARED FOR DOCKS MODEL ROTODOCK

The new floating platform for jet ski ROTOPORT allows you to protect your jet ski and quick access into the water. It is very simple: with a shot of gas you go up on the platform, thanks to the roller positioned at the stern of the slide and on both sides.

To go down into water instead you need just a gentle push
Making frequent use your Jet Ski will benefit of remaining out of the water, protected from the sea agents.

Possibility to assemble multiple platforms together, connecting to each other, or form complex platforms joining them to our modular floating systems cubedock or ROTODOCK to create areas dedicated to the maintenance of Jet Ski.

Ready to use!

piattaforma alaggio moto d'acqua


piattaforma alaggio moto d'acqua


piattaforma alaggio moto d'acqua


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