floating modular docks, floating platforms for sunbathing or modular gaming platforms to be anchored in the sea lakes and rivers

Floating Platforms

Floating platforms realized in Cubedock modular system.

Cubedock system allows to realize the modular platforms in all shapes and sizes (always respecting the modular floating element that is 50x50 or 100x50cm)

The modular system allows you to expand or change shape to the platform from year to year .... you can start with a small platform and expand it as needed or needs that may change over the years.

Buoiancy is very high: 350 kg / sqm. On a 3x3 meter platform that is 9 sqm 40 people can comfortably find place without creating problems (80kg = 1 person)

The main advantages of this type of floating platforms are:

- Unsinkable: even if a module breaks down and enters the water, will never sink because each module is stand alone.
- Flexibility: you can compose the platform as you want and by desired size
- Expandable: adding modules you can expand the floating platform as needed.
- Durability: Cubedock is made in high density polyethylene. HDPE, synonym of guarantee and durability.
- Stability: the whole surface lie on the water so it creates a "suction" effect to which the load is distributed over the entire platform, resulting in exceptional stability of the system: although more people are positioned on one side, the platform can not NEVER FALL OVER.

When we provide a floating platform we always include steel mooring kit for anchoring it (to be made with dead bodies or chains) and 1 stainless steel swimming ladder, with 2 steps fixed and 2 mobile steps.

Minimum recommended measures for a gaming platform: 2x2 meters

Minimum recommended measures for a sun deck: 3x4 meters


  • piattaforme galleggianti modulari
  • piattaforme galleggianti modulari
  • piattaforme galleggianti modulari
  • piattaforme galleggianti modulari
  • piattaforme galleggianti modulari